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Cordia blends into any surrounding environment, but it also stands alone. This is due to its simple yet sophisticated design. Swivel chairs with special handrails provide a more upright and comfortable posture. This makes it ideal for long-term conservation as well as for short breaks - especially when combined with an optional reclining mechanism and suitable for pedestals.
Conseta is not only a sofa program but also a complementary program that offers countless possibilities. Various shape and size elements in combination with the handrails option offer a wide range to explore the configurations to suit every room. Different styles of handrails and carcass widths and a choice of cushion cushions create a wide range of design solutions.
Do you have any special requests? If you need specific or shorter measurements or want special accessories for your Conseta that we do not offer as standard, no problem - almost anything is possible. Ask your COR furniture dealer.
Designed for the future.
In the early 1960s, Friedrich Wilhelm Möller developed a system of pioneering buffer furniture. Conseta - a name derived from consedere Latin, which means "to sit together" - provides modular flexibility while being able to adapt like a chameleon. It has been and continues to be the perfect symbiosis of a comprehensive system. Over the last decade, Conseta has grown quietly but vigorously into a bestselling international book and a classic design.



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