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What is natural wood - Advantages, disadvantages of natural wood

17. Apr 2018

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The beauty of natural wood
Natural wood is beautiful because of the rustic and friendly inheritance. The color of wood is the color of warmth. The shapes of wood with different colors are characteristic to the beauty of natural wood. In addition, due to differences in the types of minerals found in soils that grow in different geographical areas, even in the same region there are differences in color and grain. This gives wood furniture very personal beauty on every fiber and on each product.



Advantages of natural wood doors
- Durable by time: Natural wood often has very high durability, some types of rare wood such as Fokienia, Giáng Hương, Đinh Hương, Gụ, Tắc ... also increase the value of wood over time.
- Beautiful: Natural wood carries the beauty of nature, wooden motifs are characteristic of each type of wood, no two types of wood have the same pattern, so the old people who understand the wood can look still. Wood to identify wood, like human fingerprints. Depending on the preferences of each person that select wood type, paint color match. Often people often paint the cockroach, dark yellowish brown depending on the preferences of each person, or can also keep the natural color of wood ...
- Durable with water: The outstanding advantage of natural wood is that it has a high degree of contact when exposed to water, of course must be drenched, painted thoroughly not dreaming.
- Sure: As mentioned above, the solidity of natural wood is very high no matter what kind of wood you choose, compared to industrial wood, the natural wood is stronger.
- Aesthetics, motifs: Natural wood has many different sizes to create richness, with natural wood, workers can create fine textures and textures, this usually does not work. is in industrial wood because industrial wood is manufactured on a fixed and limited thickness sheet, which can not be laminated together like natural wood.
- Style: Classic, cozy, luxurious.



Disadvantages of natural wood:
- Natural wood is increasingly scarce, most of natural wood is imported, so the price of wood is quite high, the cost of processing natural wood is high because many handicrafts can not be mass produced. As for industrial wood, the price of natural wood products is always higher than that of industrial wood.
- Curvature, shrinkage: When the interior craftsman if not skilled, and not in the professional furniture production environment, it is easy to make a product not standard and warping phenomenon. , shrinkage will occur especially with the door, the cabinet ... most of the faults to the furniture is warping condition is the size of the unsuitable mechanics, the dream is not technically correct, though head may not appear, warping phenomenon but after a period of use will lead to the condition of the wing is warped or curved and can not close the cabinet
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